Joaquim Monteiro de Carvalho

President of the Municipal Olympic Committee (EOM), business manager Joaquim Monteiro leads the coordination of the preparations for the Rio Games of 2016. He has experience in private and public sectors. At the head of one of the most important projects in the city´s history, which is a result of integrated work between the three levels of government and private sector initiatives, the 34 year old executive is adding his own network and management capabilities to ensure the full success of this major sporting event.

He graduated in Business Administration from PUC-RJ, with a specialism in Sports Marketing and Broadcasting from the University of New York.  Joaquim worked at the London Games of 2012 in the area of Logistics and Operations in the City of the Organising Committee, more specifically in the organization of the ´last mile´ (the immediate surroundings of the sports facilities), in crisis management and in crowd flow management.

Joaquim has been at the Rio Municipality for four years, where, before he headed the EOM, he was chief executive of ´Imagem Rio´, coordinating innovative municipal projects and where he set up the ´branding´ department, and was undersecretary of Conservation and Transport. Within these two portfolios he took part in launching two of the most important recent initiatives of the municipal administration: the Rio Operations Centre (COR) which includes 30 agencies with the objective of monitoring the city and coordinating emergency responses; and the BRTs – a system of express bus lanes that are already modifying the way people use public transport in the city.

Before going into public service, Joaquim worked for 10 years in the Entertainment and Marketing industry and acquired vast experience of major events. Among several projects at this time, particular highlights are the creation of EMO4, a marketing company that used entertainment as a way of connecting with its clients and of which he was partner-director; and his work at the ABC Group, the largest holding of Communication and Marketing in Latin America.

An essential condition for the challenge that lies ahead, a passion for Rio is a feeling that the president of the EOM shows all the time in his words and in his deeds. Proof of this is his founding of the movement ´Rio Eu Amo Eu Cuido´ (Rio I Love You and Care For You), the aim of which is to place value on the importance of small actions that can improve the city, and for whom he intends to continue acting as an advisor.