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18/08/2011 | Social | Morar Carioca

Complexo do Alemão is pacified

With the Morar Carioca, one of the major points of access to the Northern Zone communities, is being expanded and redesigned with urbanization and infrastructure

Engineer Guilherme Campos, responsible for overlooking the works: new colors on the houses of the Rua Joaquim de Queiroz street

The backdrop is new and cleaner visually. One of the main access points to the Alemão slums, a newly pacified area in the Northern Zone of Rio, is gradually gaining new shapes with the Morar Carioca project.

– We are in the infrastructure phase aiming to open the main street of the community, which is the Joaquim de Queiroz street. We are increasing its width to eight meters to afford greater accessibility, said engineer Guilherme Campos, who is in charge of overseeing the work done under City’s project for the Alemão slum.

According to the engineer, the most difficult task was removing the street merchants that occupied much of the street. To deal with the issue, a shopping center was built on a parallel street and nearly 100 merchants were transferred to it.

After the sidewalks are urbanized and 400 meters of the street are paved, the colors will come in. The City cut a deal with a paint factory to paint the houses on the right side of the street as one enters the community. On the left, where the wall that borders the Olympic Village was rebuilt, there will be graffiti to narrate the history of the Alemão Complex of slums.

Merchant Josias Lima, an Alemão slum resident for 50 years: hope for further improvement

An Alemão resident for 50 years, Josias Lima, who is 61 years old, is pleased with the refurbishments underway on the Joaquim de Queiroz street.

– I started with a small tent on the street, a little further in, where the bank is now. I grew, and now I have this bigger shop. Much has changed since then and, with the works, things are likely to improve even more, said the merchant.

The Morar Carioca works also include the implementation of water, sewage, drainage infrastructure and paving the community’s lanes, alleys and stairways. Some 150 alleys have are already been completed. In the second phase, another 650 meters of the Joaquim de Queiroz street will be broadened. As a result, the Estrada do Itararé road will connect to the Rua Canita street, in Inhaúma.

– The relationship with the community is the best possible, since they acknowledge the work that is being done here and the effort made to improve the hygiene and health conditions and the accessibility to their homes, states Campos.

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