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09/02/2012 | Instalações Olímpicas

Training Center for Olympic athletes

The facility is fitted with the latest physical fitness equipment to be used by the members of Rio Team who will fight for medals in the London Games in 2012

Rio took another important step towards success in the 2016 Olympics. A partnership between the City and the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) allowed the creation of a training facility for high performance athletes at the Maria Lenk Water Park, in Barra da Tijuca. And the space, called Strength and Conditioning Room of the Team Brazil Training Center has already been inaugurated.

– This is the most modern physical training equipment facility in Latin America. The area encompasses 500 square meters of equipment and provides optimal working and training conditions for the athletes. Also, this is also a place of recovery for athletes who are injured and have been operated on, because there is a physiotherapy department installed here, said Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of BOC and of Rio 2016, detailing the project.

Equipped with cutting-edge bodybuilding equipment, the room will initially be used to prepare Rio Team athletes – a project created by the City with the support of the committee, to train athletes with medal chances at the 2012 London Olympics. After that, according to Nuzman, it will be extended to Team Brazil competitors aiming at the 2016 Games, in Rio.

Some of the equipment, donated by two Brazilian companies in the partnership project

The partnership that allowed the new room to be created is proof positive that the effort for the Rio Olympics is starting to extend beyond the work of entities that are directly involved in the preparations. The environment was designed by architect and Olympic judoka Daniela Polzin. And most of the equipment was donated by two manufacturing companies.

– I realized that we could have a great opportunity to develop Brazilian products for Brazilian athletes, because we don’t have special equipment for high-level people here. It is a win-win situation: the athletes win and we win too, since we learn, explains Takashi Nishimura, CEO of Brudden, the outfit that provided the bodybuilding equipment.

Rio Team athletes attended the inauguration ceremony. Some of them, such as Nivalter Santos, Rosângela Santos, Barbara Leôncio and Evelyn Santos, took advantage of the visit to test the equipment.

– This is what you find abroad, and I am glad that Brazil is moving in this direction. It makes a difference, and the proof of this is that many Brazil Team athletes have migrated here and sought this space to practice. I think this has everything to become one of the most complete training centers in the world, highlighted Natália Falavigna, a tae-kwon-do athlete who has already classified to compete in London.

Some athletes have already started practicing in the new special facility

According to Carlos Arthur Nuzman, after being tested in Rio, the goal is to try to replicate the model in the rest of the country, so that other athletes can keep pace with training and come to the Olympic Games in Rio in equal conditions.

– I think Rio is getting ready to do very well in 2016 and to really have a structure for the Olympic athletes who will come after. And what really matters is that in 2016 we have a great party, but that after that other generations can improve on our results, noted Natália.

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