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27/04/2011 | Transportes | BRT Transcarioca

“The starlet of the suburb”

One of the most traditional neighborhoods in the city's Northern Zone, Madureira’s value should increase with the construction of Transcarioca

In the middle of the path between the two ends of Transcarioca, which will connect Barra da Tijuca to the Tom Jobim Airport, the residents of Madureira await with a mixture of excitement and distrust for the transformations that promise to change some of the neighborhood’s main streets.

A traditional region of Rio de Janeiro’s suburb, Madureira had not seen the benefits from a major structural reform for a decade, even though it is one of the most populated and commercially active points of the city’s Northern Zone. In an attempt to reverse this scenario, the construction work for Transcarioca construction began precisely in this neighborhood.

The administrator of one of the largest and most traditional shopping centers in the city, called Mercadão de Madureira, and resident of the region for the past 49 years, merchant Antônio Rodrigues, age 52, pointed out the increased value of the neighborhood as the first positive point of the express corridor’s traversal through the region.

It makes me happy as a resident, because Madureira has been forgotten for a long time. Nothing was invested here, no new construction projects, no real estate developments. However, we believe that the new construction work will increase the value of the region significantly – said the manager of Mercadão.

A resident of Curicica in the city’s Western Zone, gas station attendant Bruna Cristina, age 23, who works on the street Avenida Edgard Werneck, said that the improvement in the neighborhood’s complicated traffic will be the first point to celebrate.

I leave my home at 5:50 a.m. to arrive in Madureira at 7:00 a.m. It generally takes one hour – it’s complicated. There are so many cars and buses on the street and so little space. So, I think with this [the construction work], things will get better for us. We’ll be able to sleep in a little longer, and rest as well – said Bruna Cristina.

She explained that the commute home is even more complicated, since she has to face traffic jams in Madureira, Praça Seca and Taquara. The attendant hopes that, after the inauguration of the exclusive corridor for articulated buses (BRT), the reality of those who depend on public transportation will change.

Chaotic traffic in Campinho, next to the area already demolished for the construction of Transcarioca

Barreto stated that he thought about disassembling the construction, all of its welded steel, and then reassembling it in another site.

During peak traffic, near 5:00 p.m., nothing budges. I believe that Transcarioca, which will connect Barra to the Galeão Airport, will increase the value of the neighborhood of Madureira, which is a bit forgotten. And it will also improve the quality of life of those who live and work around here. The neighborhood will get better – said the attendant.

Despite the apprehension of the merchants, Antônio sees a promising scenario ahead for the neighborhood’s commerce with the arrival of Transcarioca, considering that the highway will facilitate the arrival of populations from other neighborhoods to Madureira.

– We believe that, once the projects have finished, there will be a higher circulation of people, and with the launch of the real estate developments, an increased number of residents, since Madureira is a neighborhood with a fluctuating population. The administrator of Mercadão also does not hide his enthusiasm about the transformations:

– If the plans really play out the way we think they will, I would say that Madureira will become the next starlet of the suburb.

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